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Learn more about us.

We are a 2019 founded company located in Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. We deliver top-quality services in Germany and all over the world. Our founders have years of experience in the military, rescue services, and information technology sectors, and we use that expertise to provide our clients with unbeatable service. Whether you need help with a complex project or just some expert advice, we're here for you. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

Our business focus is delivering solutions and services in the fields of:

  • Close Protection Services
  • Executive Protection Services
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Concealed Money & Valuables Transport Services
  • Building & Premises Protection Services
  • Advanced Chauffeur Services
  • Reconnaissance
  • Surveillance
  • Counterintelligence

As a security company with a permit to carry firearms in Germany, we can provide our clients with the utmost level of protection, no matter what the situation may be. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share one common need: safety. Whether it's a company in the technology or industrial sector, or a public institution, we are always prepared to protect our clients with armed guards if necessary. And we also provide services to vulnerable individuals who may be at risk for attack or abuse. We take our job very seriously, and our team is highly trained and professional. We know that our clients rely on us to keep them safe, and we will never let them down.