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Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services refers to the covert, targeted and systematic observation of people, groups of people, facilities or things to gain basic or additional knowledge. The information gain through Observation coupled with the acquisition of knowledge and evidence that can be used in court is decisive in the fields:

  • Fraud
  • Information outflow
  • IT forensics
  • Anti-eavesdropping
  • Patent theft
  • Personal offenses
  • Reputation management
  • Counterintelligence
  • Economic crimes

The observation and the procurement of knowledge and evidence that can be used in court is part of our core services, the  protection of endangered persons, personal protection, the transport of money and valuables as well as the  protection of buildings and property. It is also possible to commission this service yourself.

To make informed decisions, organizations must be able to gather accurate and timely information. However, this can be difficult, especially when it comes to observing people or groups.

Gathering information through observation can be difficult for a number of reasons. People may be aware that they are being watched and behave differently as a result. Groups can also be difficult to observe, as they behave differently in public than in private.

Our team of experts have years of experience conducting discreet and effective observations that provide valuable insights for our clients. We use a variety of methods to obtain the most accurate information possible.

When can observations be carried out and what needs to be considered.

Observation is usually about collecting evidence through covert observation in order to substantiate a justified initial suspicion or to help clarify facts with civil or criminal law. There must therefore be a legitimate interest for an observation to be justified. For example, it is justified if a company commissions the observation of an employee against whom it has reasonable suspicion of betraying trade secrets. In this case, we can be commissioned to collect evidence that can be used in court through observation. In addition to the very narrow legal framework regarding the implementation of observations, the legal regulations in the area of data protection must also be observed. We recommend that you seek detailed advice from us as to whether and how observations are legally feasible in your specific case and the means of choice.

The top priority for us is discretion and to respect and comply with the personal rights of our clients as well as the target persons. Our customers and investigation data are protected from access by third parties.

We at Tannhäuser Security are aware of the legal explosiveness of surveillance and have advised you before each assignment with our team consisting of specialists for surveillance and in-house lawyers.

We will inform you about the results of the investigation in a clear and structured manner at the agreed intervals. Of course, the personal rights of third parties are taken into account here, so that the reports provided to you do not violate the privacy of uninvolved third parties.