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Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services

As a representative of politics, economy, a religious community, a non-governmental organization or the media, you are under public attention and therefore exposed to various risks. To minimize those risks, we create a comprehensive, individual security concept based on a risk analysis and protect you with our team - when necessary by carrying firearms. The individual security and close protection concept can include:

  • Protection of people in private and public areas
  • Protection of people at events
  • Escort protection (unarmed or lightly armed)
  • Personal protection (armed with firearms, depending on the threat level)
  • Perimeter security
  • Driver services
  • Reconnaissance
  • Route planning
  • Monitoring Social Media and other IT communication channels in realtime

We protect you reliably and discreetly in Germany and internationally.

Close Protection Concepts

Companion guard concept

The simplest form of personal protection is based purely on a companion guard concept without reconnaissance. Our close protection officers accompany the person protected and have to react ad hoc to every dangerous situation. This type of personal protection is only suitable for people with a low to medium risk level, for whom professional attacks or ambushes are not to be expected. An advantage of this concept is that a good degree of deterrence is generated by the permanently present visible security personnel. We also recommend our open source intelligence services for periodic or real-time threat analysis.

Companion guard concept plus dynamic reconnaissance

Personal protection together with dynamic reconnaissance (dynamic reconnaissance) combines the companion guard concept of direct accompaniment of the protected person with personnel for reconnaissance. The reconnaissance commando carries out reconnaissance measures shortly before the person protected arrives at the target location. This concept is suitable for people with a medium to high risk level. The disadvantages of the pure companion guard concept are reduced by the measures of dynamic reconnaissance. The personnel expenses are higher compared to the pure accompanying concept. The safety gain is significant.

In case dynamic reconnaissance takes place in a time-dependent manner, this creates safe time windows for the protected person at certain locations. This type of personal protection gets by with just a few direct companions, and is therefore hardly noticeable to bystanders. Through staff rotation, the spotter becomes a close protection officer and the close protection officer becomes a spotter, that way no uninvolved person will accidentally recognize the personal security.

Extended location-based reconnaissance

Extended location-based reconnaissance takes place in addition to the companion guard protection concept. Like the concept of dynamic reconnaissance, it is supplementary, not time-related, but location-related. Attempts are made to keep the respective areas permanently safe through regular education in e.g. living and working areas. This measure can also be suitable on its own if the degree of risk is low and for people who are not recognized in public. Here, too, the measures are hardly noticeable to outsiders. At the same time, you allow the protected person a high degree of privacy and freedom of movement in the secured locations.

With the appropriate strategy and skilled personnel we protect you almost invisible

Invisible but highly present

Sometimes client requires his environment being unaware of close protection service. In some cases, risk assessment shows that visible close protection services would result in higher risk. In such cases, we work completely concealed. Our team will blend into the environment naturally. We always in distance to react fast in case of a threat. Clients will have privacy, but we always close enough to react in seconds and evacuate if required.

Resources and Strategies

Depending on customer requirements and situation, we will assign required resource and roll out the fitting strategy. Our close protection combine with active reconnaissance, black limousine in high protection class or standard middle or high-class vehicle, we will always choose the proper resources and strategy. We always have a Plan B up your sleeve.