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Tannhäuser Security in Berlin/Brandenburg

Tannhäuser Security is a young security startup company located in Neuruppin - the birthplace of the novelist Theodor Fontane. Welcome to our Home page. We have strong connection to Berlin city. Our focus operational area is Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. We deliver our services in Germany and internationally.
The founders have background in Military, Rescue Services, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering and 25 years of international projects.

Tannhäuser Security provides Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services, individual Money, concealed Valuables, Special Goods, Documents and Data Transport Services as well as Building and Premises Protection Services. In case you have questions about the service offerings on this Home page, or you have a special request, please contact us.

Business Areas

Classic Security Services, team on airfield at car

Classic Security Services

Reliable and professional security services is our craft. We don't just shine delivering the Standards like Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services, Money & Valuables Transport Services and Building & Premises Protection Services. Count on us when delivering Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Counterintelligence. Our client related activities are based on a risk and threat analysis and security concept.

Our employees are handpicked and have the necessary training and skills and guarantee the protection of material values, property and the life and physical integrity of our clients through the highest level of professionalism.

Always be safe and in time as well as feel comfortable with our Advanced Chauffeur Services for Executives, Families or Celebrities.

Staff member in sutuation room

Cyber Crime and Trust & Safety​ Investigation

Information technology, internet services, blockchain and cryptocurrencies interfering more with our life and business. Similar to very active "real word" crime we see exponential growth in various areas of information technology-based crime like identity theft, financial and crypto fraud, social media issues, troll activities, activities of fake identities, data and information theft. With our approach of applying classic security and intelligence techniques together with techniques of information technology, we can help private persons, corporations and celebrities to take the proper actions while facing cyber crime.

We offer intelligence reports of people and companies or during public events. Our research can include Clearnet, Dark net and Deep web, Company register, Social media

We use state-of-the-art Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools.